Digital Marketing Technology

We're fluent in digital.

Digital marketing technology is a beast. Our recruitment specialists can help you tame it.

In today's marketing world, there's never been a greater demand for digital-first talent. But not just anyone has the chops to do the work. As technology evolves at a faster pace than ever before, sourcing this specialized pool of talent continues to be a challenge. The Intersect Group is here to help. Unlike many marketing recruitment agencies — TIG speaks digital.

We know the details of digital.

It takes expertise to successfully staff for digital. We know the difference between User Experience(UX) and User Research. We understand the nuanced skillset that goes into creating a one-of-a-kind Customer Experience(CX). And we use this detailed knowledge to align with clients and candidates for the most successful placements possible.

There's definitely a "digital" type.

Anyone can read a resumé. We read between the lines to find real talent with the skills and experience you need. Our team has the digital marketing knowledge and the recruiting experience to be able to identify solid resumés versus ones with a lot of "finessing". Fit is essential in this area, and we cut no corners to find you the right people.

Offering a robust talent pipeline.

Good digital marketing talent goes fast, so we start the conversation with candidates before they are even looking. This process allows us to send passive candidates your way at just the right time. By continuously building our talent pipeline, you can find the talent you need for your projects in a single place, whether you’re interested in contract, contract-to-hire, or direct hires.

Staffing is only part of the job.

You need more than resumés. You need a consultant who helps you create a top-tier candidate experience—even in challenging staffing environments like digital marketing technology. Our digital marketing recruitment team knows how. We deliver top talent while offering insider knowledge, like knowing the salary requirements for specific talent qualifications in specific cities. It’s just one of the ways we help you plan your business.

We hit the ground running.

Our work shouldn’t just fill seats—it should relieve your stress. That means asking the right questions fast and getting you filtered candidates, ASAP. No handholding required. When you tell us what you need, we speak your language and hear the challenge loud and clear. You won’t have multiple placement misses to correct. With TIG, we’ll align with you quickly, and then get quality candidates in the door.

Talent coaching and encouragement.

Even a near-perfect candidate can use some guidance. We serve as a liaison between client and candidate, encouraging possible hires to highlight work samples and experiences specific to each client’s hiring considerations. When candidates can bring their best to an interview, our clients can have that much more confidence in their hiring decisions.

Looking for jobs in Digital Marketing Technology?

We’re always looking for excellent candidates to become a part of our network. We have strong relationships with industry-leading clients who offer challenging roles and the chance to learn and grow in your career.

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