Edwin Miller


Collaborative. Visionary. Strategic. Edwin’s experience spans many different segments in both private and public companies, and in various horizontal and vertical markets including – SaaS Solutions, Internet Services, Enterprise Software, Life Sciences, Automotive, Financial Services, Consulting Services, G2000, SMB, Federal Government and within the Intelligence Community. 

Prior to joining The Intersect Group, Edwin served as President, CEO and Director of Astreya Partners, Inc., a global IT services company based in Silicon Valley. He is also the founder of 9Lenses, a leading provider of Business Intelligence SaaS and an automation platform for business assessment and analytics. To The Intersect Group, Edwin brings an astute ability to create and execute on strategies that fuel progress and drive growth while inspiring innovation and culture. Edwin’s focus is on sustaining a competitive advantage for The Intersect Group in the marketplace while growing and adding value to multiple facets of the organization.

• Hometown: Oglethorpe County GA (Crawford is the City)
• Alma mater: The George Washington University
• Interesting fact: Played basketball in College
• Favorite band: U2
• Karaoke song: Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’
• Favorite team: Jacksonville Jaguars
• Best Vacation: Sailing in the BVI’s
• Hobbies: Guitar, basketball

Connect with me on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/edwinmiller/

Email me at edwin@theintersectgroup.com