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Atlanta and Dallas Job Markets: Primed for Growth

Both Atlanta and Dallas are IT and F&A hot spots. We hear time and again from our clients that it truly is a candidate’s market right now, meaning candidates with in-demand skill sets have a great deal of leverage when it comes to accepting a job offer and salary negotiations.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, as of November 2014, there were about 2.5 million employees in the metro-Atlanta area. About 158,000 of these employees work in finance, 440,000 in general professional and business services, and about 85,000 in information.

The Dallas Fort-Worth area numbers, though larger, mostly follow the same trend, with about 3.1 million employees in total, 251,000 in finance, 496,000 in general professional and business services, but only about 79,000 in information.

Additionally, there are more job openings in both IT and finance in Dallas. A quick search on Indeed shows a total of 19,853 IT job openings and 5,551 finance openings, whereas Atlanta shows 16,464 and 4,871 openings, respectively.

So, what does it all mean?

It’s good news for IT and F&A job-seekers. We only expect these numbers to continue to grow, as more and more corporations relocate headquarters to each city and technology continues to drive job growth. A recent study ranked Atlanta as the third fastest-growing city in the country in terms of STEM employment growth. Dallas’s tech history (telecom corridor, anyone?) has helped the city become poised for technology growth. Geekwire even wrote an article about the Big D’s thriving tech scene. Tell us – how do you foresee the job marketing shifting and growing in each city in the next five years?

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