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Charlotte’s IT Job Market Shows No Signs of Slowing Down

TIG-blogpost-300x199It’s a candidate’s job market in Charlotte and that’s good news for IT job seekers. Technology continues to drive job growth in the Charlotte area with over 6,400 open IT positions, according to NCWorks Online (a part of the North Carolina Department of Commerce Division of Workforce Solutions). With this robust job market comes a new set of challenges for companies looking to attract and hire top talent.

What’s driving this job growth? According to Ryne Harrell, Charlotte Market Leader with The Intersect Group (TIG), it’s the thousands of people flocking to Charlotte, especially millennials. In fact, a recent report by the Urban Institute projects Charlotte metro area’s population to grow by 47 percent between 2010 and 2030.

Charlotte is a progressive city with a young culture, which is particularly attractive to millennials who are now the largest population in the U.S. workforce. “It’s a cool city,” said Ryne. “Microbreweries and coffee shops are popping up on every corner. Start-ups and other businesses that appeal particularly to millennials are opening every day.” Since people want to live in Charlotte, Ryne says it drives more business to the area, keeping the job climate hot and demand for talent high.

With organizations across all industries competing for the same talent, Charlotte’s rapid growth broadens the demand for software and analytical skills. The high demand for mid- to senior-level talent has resulted in a growing skills gap that many companies are challenged to fill. “Every .NET developer seeking an opportunity could have close to 250 jobs from which to choose,” said Ryne. And UX professionals, and front end and user interaction designers are not far behind.

At TIG’s Charlotte office, we are working closely with our clients to alleviate this talent gap with a three-prong approach:

  1. In the short-term, we actively recruit senior talent from other cities to fill current open positions.
  2. We also recognize some workers are siloed within larger organizations. We lead Lunch and Learns and skill set training sessions to help make it easier for them to make lateral moves to fill the gap.
  3. For the long term, TIG is investing in Charlotte’s STEM programs to build the tech sector from the ground up.

Additionally, companies are finding they need to act quickly to hire top talent. “By the time our clients have identified their top prospect, often that person has already accepted another job,” said Ryne. We continue to educate clients on the competitiveness of today’s labor market and encourage them to move with a sense of urgency when making hiring decisions.

The Charlotte job climate is hot for IT candidates with multiple offers extended to tech job seekers. This trend is expected to grow as more corporations relocate their headquarters to Charlotte, millennials continue to flock to the city and technology continues to drive job growth.

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