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Hot Jobs: January 2015 Edition

If you’re in school and still working to determine your career path or looking to make a change, consider IT or finance and accounting (F&A). We’ve outlined below the most in-demand job skills this month. Consider this a “blueprint” for your IT or F&A career.

According to the American Institute of CPAs, the demand for accounting majors increased 21 percent over the course of two years (2010-2012). Below is a list of the top five F&A skills in January 2015:

  1. Accountant (Senior and Staff)
  2. Public Accountants (Audit and Tax)
  3. Senior Financial Analysts
  4. Audit & Compliance
  5. Collection & Payroll

U.S. News & World Report named software developer as the hottest tech job of 2014, so it’s no surprise that four of our top five January IT jobs are software developers:

  1. .NET Developer
  2. Java Developer
  3. Information Security Engineer
  4. SQL Developer
  5. Test Engineer

Visit The Intersect Group’s job portal for more information on our current opportunities.

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