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Q&A with Director of Talent Solutions, Wally Wallace

How did you get into Recruiting?

Before I got into recruiting, I was a Banker. I enjoyed the people side of banking, and through networking, realized recruiting would be a great career move. I made the move, understood the importance of having good mentors in this industry, learned from them, and realized that recruiting is where I was best suited.

What do you want people to know about your team?

I want folks to know that having Specialized Recruiters is important. We can talk all day about the evolving Technology space. Having talented Recruiters that understand how to navigate this evolving landscape is important. We are building a culture of talented recruiters who want to learn, grow, be challenged, work hard, and build a successful career in recruiting.

What tactics do you use to develop your team?

I learned from my mentors, so my best tactic is mentorship. As a servant leader and coach, I make sure my team has an understanding of the recruiting process, that I am here to support their growth, and make sure they have tools at their disposal to be successful.  I also empower teams vs enable them. My goal is to build a team of talented recruiters that understand the value of what recruiting provides in the market.

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