Techonomy 2014 and The Future of the Job Market

By The Intersect Group

Techonomy recently hosted its annual conference, Techonomy 2014, in which thought leaders discussed the ways technology is transforming and accelerating progress for both business and society. The annual conference aims to help people understand the important role technology plays in major world issues such as healthcare, government, the economy and more.

During the media organization’s annual conference, New York Times science writer John Markoff led a panel of four prominent tech leaders: Steve Jurvetson of Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Jessica Rosenworcel of the FCC, Ford’s Ken Washington, and Philip Zelikow of the Markle Foundation, to discuss how the job market will change over time with technology leading the way. Touching on several key areas, the panel also discussed how technology and people can coexist.

The biggest takeaways from the panel include:

Era of Change: We are currently in a period of time in which technology is advancing at an unprecedented speed. We must stay ahead of the game with innovative new technologies that will help all industries keep pace globally.

Businesses of Information: Information, or data, is king. People able to retain and use information will be more successful in the future. Business leaders must understand that with so much change, we must remain flexible and eager. “Whether we like it or not, jobs will become information-based and more competitive, globally,” says Jurvetson.

The Intersect Group understands the importance technology has on our economic markets and believes that in order to progress professionally, we must adopt the idea of becoming a “lifelong learner.” The world is changing and people unwilling to adapt and rethink processes will be left behind.

Understanding the power technology holds locally, in October, The Intersect Group hosted an event in partnership with Techonomy to highlight the importance of the Atlanta tech scene, specifically.

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