The Intersect Group Brings Techonomy to Atlanta, Emerging Themes Surround Technology’s Impact on Business, Society and our Workforce

By The Intersect Group

Discussion Determines Lifelong Learning is Essential for Next Generation of Employees


NEW YORK and ATLANTA – Oct. 15, 2014 – It’s imperative for Atlanta businesses to be aware of technology’s impact and understand how to adapt to the changing pace of today’s world. The Intersect Group, a national staffing and consulting firm specializing in finance/accounting and technology, recognizes the need for Atlanta companies to embrace technology to ensure future success for our society, economy and workforce.  In response, the company brought Techonomy to Atlanta to facilitate a discussion with thought leaders from the region surrounding technology’s role in today’s business environment.

Key themes included the importance of in-person interactions, networking, sharing, and constant, ongoing education. “It’s critical that our business world instill in its workforce the importance of being a lifelong learner, to best embrace technology and change,” states Rebecca Rogers Tijerino, CEO of The Intersect Group. “In order to propel organizations forward, we have to ensure our employees are prepared for the disruptive technologies available in the marketplace. For my team, it’s vital that we continuously challenge ourselves to provide our clients and candidates with the most valuable tools and assets to ensure future success.”

Techonomy, launched by Chief Techonomist David Kirkpatrick, former technology editor of Fortune magazine and author of The Facebook Effect, provides content and programs focused on technology and how it has become a central part of the economy in which we operate and the society in which we live.  The experts at Techonomy view business through a different lens. They are evangelists for technology and their mission is to conduct conversations about what is happening in business and society because of the rapidly accelerating rate at which the technology landscape is evolving.

“Change is accelerating more than ever before. Smart people are taking the tools available to them and putting tinder on the fire of change,” explains Kirkpatrick. “We firmly believe there is nothing that happens in our world that cannot be better understood if you look at it through the lens of how technology is a part of it. What makes this exciting for us is that no one understands what is going on now, or can predict what will happen next. Conversations are urgent and necessary.”

The breakfast discussion, in conjunction with TAG, was held on Thursday, Oct. 2nd. Event commentary can be viewed on Twitter by searching the hashtag #TechonomyATL.