We’re always looking for team members who are passionate, bright, goal-oriented, and prepared to do the right thing for everyone our business touches. Search for open TIG career opportunities below, or contact us today.

Why work at TIG?

At The Intersect Group, we’re changing the talent conversation for good. But we can’t do it without the right people on our side.

As a member of the TIG team, you’ll see the balance of deep caring and tough love, every single day. It’s how we help our colleagues excel, and it’s how we answer the needs of candidates and clients better, faster, and smarter than the rest. From the greenest new hire to the most seasoned pro, we train, coach, and guide everyone to not only set them up for success, but also set them up to meet their own career goals.

At TIG, we’re all about the long-term picture—people here tend to stick around. If you’re willing to work hard and bring your best, we’ll do everything we can to help you succeed.

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We have hundreds of open positions in IT, Finance & Accounting, and Digital Marketing Technology.

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TIG specializes in connecting clients with job candidates through a unique, people-first approach.