Champions: Tracy Munroe, Kelsey Granitz
Expand colleagues’ daily wellness experience through activities that support physical, mental, and social health. Promote healthy environments. Inspire TIG colleagues to make small, healthy lifestyle changes to support their overall health.

Activities include:

Vision Board Making Massage Day Healthy Cooking Day


Champions: Nicole Spain

A safe space where mothers connect to share insights on how to manage work-life balance challenges and advance their careers. This group is created to support women with children, both younger and grown! There is a mixture of participation ranging from those who have lived through this phase and can share their experiences and what worked for them when their children were young.

Activities include: Meetings and events focusing on Women in the Workplace or Working Parent topics Advocating for programs at Intersect to support working moms

Semi-Annual Community Outreach or Charity Support plans.
Provide Information, Care Packages and Support for new or expecting moms.


Champions: Orlando Arechiga, Vivianna Lopez, Jenny Hoffert
The Culture / DEI committee is a collection of people who promote culture and DEI within The Intersect Group as a whole. Culture and DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) are intricately connected, as creating an inclusive culture that values and respects diverse perspectives and backgrounds is essential for achieving DEI goals. Our methods of giving back vary but are closely aligned to work readiness, STEM education and bettering the lives of children, and diversity & inclusion in the workplace.

Activities include:Educational Trivia, Kindness Bingo
National Holidays

TIG Cares / gives back: We partner with organizations through our clients such as the American Heart Association
Each office can pick its own charity for payroll deductions once a year.
During holiday time, we do toys-for-tots!


Champions : Clare Perry and Jordan Weber
Committee Description: The LEAD committee helps develop Future Leaders of TIG through providing resources and a forum for discussion around professional development, networking, continued education, and knowledge/skills-based training. Enhancing the company-wide culture through mentorship programs and knowledge sharing.

Activities Include: Providing additional opportunities for trainings in TIG’s key areas of focus to bridge knowledge gaps.
Create an open forum for new employees to learn from experienced team members. Hold seminars and discussions lead by subject matter experts to promote professional development company-wide.