The Intersect Group’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) commitment is focused on creating and fostering an environment where every colleague is seen, heard, understood and valued. We cultivate a workplace where consciously unbiased behaviors are the norm, specifically when it comes to hiring, compensation, promotion and community relations.

TIG is committed to ongoing conversations around DEI and ensuring our values, training and actions are aligned. TIG DEI is changing the talent conversation for good!

How Our Firm Ensures A Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Candidate Selection Process

Some specifics around how we incorporate our DEI commitment into our recruitment strategy are in themselves diverse and all-encompassing. While some are in process, others are already fully implemented and adopted across the organization.

  • Identification of diverse and minority partners such as Women in Technology – WIT and National Diversity Council – NDC, to foster continued networking opportunities and a stream of diverse candidates
  • Training to help eliminate unconscious bias provided to all Talent Managers and Executive Recruiters through a partnership with LinkedIn Learning
  • Review all job descriptions to ensure inclusive language is prominent
  • Standardization of our interview processes with structured behavioral interview questions for all roles
  • Group interviews in place to support the elimination of biased candidate selection
  • Interview scorecards to serve as a platform for unbiased interview feedback
  • Launch of Business Resource Groups internally who assist in the candidate interview process to further eliminate unconscious bias as well as to foster grassroots recruitment efforts
  • Training opportunities on Diversity in the Workplace are available to our external talent on a regular basis
  • Support for various social justice moments to align our recruiting brand with multiple diverse groups

While this is an early indication of our current emphasis and efforts, The Intersect Group’s commitment is to review all processes through a DEI lens to ensure we are leading the way in diverse recruiting.

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