What’s Keeping Today’s CFOs Up at Night?

By The Intersect Group

Today’s CFO has a big job. Being at the helm of finance while forecasting for the future is just the start. It’s a position that continues to expand – both in complexity and in consequence. As today’s chief financial officer considers technology and infrastructure investments a necessity to compete and be successful in a dynamic business …

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How to Retain Top Finance Talent – and what to do when someone decides to leave

By The Intersect Group

Highly regarded employers, regardless of their size or industry, prioritize their employees much in the same way they prioritize their customers. And like their intimate understanding of the buyer’s journey, engaged employers understand the value of career mapping and allocate the same amount of time and attention to their employee experience as they do their …

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IT and F&A Networking Groups: The Essentials

By The Intersect Group

With the start of the New Year, many are looking to invest in the long term by establishing genuine relationships through the power of networking. This has been proven both beneficial and difficult when trying to propel your career forward, particularly in an era where most communication is held online. None the less, like-minded professionals …

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CFO Succession

By The Intersect Group

As most of us are painfully aware, the U.S. economy has experienced one of the slowest economic periods in recent history. Businesses are worried, consumers are cautious, and investors are downright jittery. I have been speaking with several of my friends as well as our clients and prospects about the impact of these conditions on …

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