How Important Is Building Up Your LinkedIn Network?

By The Intersect Group

Answer: Extremely!

Why? Because not only can a robust professional network on LinkedIn help you find your next job, it can help you find the best next job.

LinkedIn is more than a networking platform: it’s where you can showcase your expertise in such a way that it helps you stand out from other candidates.  And, if done right, it can practically propel recruiters to seek you out and hiring managers to choose you over your competition.

Intrigued? Here’s how to make this happen

Your first step is creating a great profile. There are many tutorials available online to help you (here’s LinkedIn’s advice). There’s also a ton of advice on how to reach out to people and connect with them (building your network).

Engage, engage and engage some more

You could have thousands of connections on LinkedIn, but if you never engage with any of them and if you never post an update yourself, it’s all for naught.

Instead, you should – pretty much every business day – go through your feed and comment on your connections’ updates – in other words, “engaging on LinkedIn.”

Yet instead of saying “Congratulations” when a friend gets a new job or promotion, you should aim to add value to their update.

Many people ask questions or state their professional opinion about something in an update (and you will do so, too; more on that in a moment).

If you feel you can add something to a Linked In conversation, do so. Perhaps you have an answer to their question. Or a different take on their statement. Or an example that supports it.

Remember, the idea is to add as much value as possible.


Moving the “adding value” component up several notches

Consider posting an update every day, if at all possible (M-F).  If you can’t, work hard to post at least three days a week.

The more you post, the more LinkedIn’s algorithm loves you, and so the more it will ensure that your updates show up in your connections’ feeds.

People also will start engaging (posting comments) on your updates, and the more LinkedIn’s algorithm will love you.


Updating frequently keeps you top of mind

Your network will grow. People will start commenting on your updates. You’ll be seen by recruiters and hiring managers. You’ll become known as someone whose insight and experience are valuable.

Hiring managers and recruiters WILL reach out to YOU

Yes, much of the outreach will be about currently open opportunities they have, where you’ll be one of several applicants.

Yet you’ll also be a stand-out candidate because of all the information and wisdom you’re offering up on LinkedIn.

And don’t be surprised if they reach out to you for a position for which no one else is being considered (at least not until you turn the opportunity down).


That’s the power of building a network and engaging on LinkedIn

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