How to Make the Most of the Shortened Holiday Work Week

By The Intersect Group

Christmas and New Years fall right in the middle of the work week this year, which could result in a serious loss of productivity if you don’t plan accordingly. To make the most of the holiday lull that will inevitably happen before, during and after both of these big holidays this year, here is how you can make the most of your time.

Focus on “Soft Projects”

Soft projects don’t demand as much time or attention as typical work does, but they’re good to check off your list – especially when you have the time. Here are some good soft projects to focus on the week between Christmas and New Years:

  1. Organize your email
  2. Plan out your next big project for 2020
  3. Make your schedule for January
  4. Develop a piece of thought leadership, like an article

Additionally, if you’re a job seeker interested in securing a new job in 2020, the slow time in between Christmas and New Years can be a great time to work on your job search. You might be surprised to know that despite the slowdown, companies will still be posting new jobs. It’s also a good time to look back at jobs posted within the last 90 days to see if there’s something still open that you’re interested in.

Or, if you’re a hiring manager with open job reqs on your desk, the holidays can be a great time to review all of those applications you didn’t have time for last month. The extra time will also give you the opportunity to look into candidates you might have flagged to investigate further. Spend some time on LinkedIn and start mapping out your interview schedule post-holidays.

Lastly, enjoy a little rest and relaxation. Press reset and get ready for a productive 2020. Happy holidays!