In Addition to Staffing, Here’s What Else Your Staffing Provider Should Be Doing for You

By The Intersect Group

As a client company working with a staffing provider, your staffing partner should be:

  1. Positively contributing to your employer brand.
  2. Pipelining talent ahead of hiring needs.
  3. Attracting your targeted hiring profile(s) to your company.
  4. Decreasing time-to-fill rates and making markedly positive contributions to other key hiring metrics.
  5. Improving your employee retention and engagement rates.

A true staffing partner should be more than an order taker – they should be working with you to develop a hiring strategy that integrates with internal talent acquisition and human resources goals and processes.

If this isn’t happening, follow these two steps:

  1. Find a staffing partner who will.
  2. Contact us!