Management Practices from the Industrial Revolution and Millennials Don’t Mix

By The Intersect Group

Just how attractive is your company? The Intersect Group hosted “Keys to Becoming a Millennial Magnet: A Discussion” at ROAM Innovative Workplace in Atlanta. According to a study by iCims, by 2025 over 75% of the workforce will be millennials: the generation of the technologically-savvy go-getter. This generational shift leaves some companies with many questions: “How do we cater to millennials without compromising our authenticity?”, “What if the Millennial’s mass label as “entitled” is code for not wanting change?”, “How do we retain millennial employees?” Our panel of millennial business leaders provided their perspective.

Panelists included Chris Pitre, Director of Strategy and Planning at Softway, Bryan James, Software Engineer at MapAnything, Inc., and Rebecca Rogers Tijerino, CEO of The Intersect Group. The event was moderated by TIG’s own Robert Jordan, Director of Executive Recruiting, Atlanta.

“The millennials are not a new species, we just have a different approach. Just like everyone else here, when we graduated from college we were ready to change the world. It’s important to make sure that your millennials feel welcome and grounded. With your guidance, give these fiery young people a chance to make an immediate impact on your organization.” said Bryan.

Chris contributed to the discussion with the ugly truth: We still follow management practices and organizational behavior philosophies from the Industrial Revolution in many businesses today. Followed-up by 4 big ideas that contribute to the Millennials’ workplace behavior and expectations:

  • – Diversity
  • – Abundance
  • – Social internet
  • – Elevated status in the home

Click here for Chris Pitre’s millennial perspective on Diversity in the Workplace.