Why Everyone Wins When You Refer Candidates to Us

By The Intersect Group

It’s a fact: great people know other great people.

That’s why we love it when our current consultants, and even clients, refer candidates to us.

Referrals are an absolutely terrific way to find great employees.

Our current consultants know the types of candidates we seek. They also know other people who have the skills we’re looking for.


Referrals speed up our hiring process

Candidate referrals give us immediate access to great candidates because our consultants and clients have, in many ways, already vetted the people they refer.  They know their personalities, their work ethic, and their quirks (always the delightful and not the problematic kind).

Following up on a candidate/client referral helps us speed up our overall hiring process (comprised of sourcing, screening, checking references, even negotiation) considerably, possibly by as much as 55 percent.


Referrals also help improve the quality of our consultants

Many people looking for work aren’t “actively” looking. That is, they are currently employed. They may – or may not –be looking at job boards and company job opening listings and thinking of applying but yet are open to talking to employers about a position should one “appear.”

Our consultants and clients already know “how we roll” and therefore can talk us up to their friends and current/former colleagues who they believe would be a good fit and give them the straight scoop about us.

Our consultants and clients also know that we have direct-hire and contract-to-hire positions in addition to temporary assignments. So there are opportunities that suit many different candidate needs.


Referrals improve our retention rate

A candidate who’s been referred to us by our current or past consultants already knows a lot about us. In other words, they already know what to expect.

It’s also a sign to the referral that we’re a company with legitimate opportunities because friends don’t refer friends to bad jobs.

Both of these – a happy referring current consultant and a referral who already knows about us — means the referred candidate sticks around for a while.


Enough with the “What’s in it for us.” Here’s how YOU benefit.

It’s called a “referral fee.”

And ours is excellent, frankly.

Here’s how it works:

  • Identify a friend who is looking for their next finance, accounting, or IT opportunity.
  • Submit a few details about yourself and said friend.
  • We will reach out to them to determine their interest and availability, as well as eligibility for the referral bonus program*.
  • We will let you know if your friend meets the criteria for the referral bonus program.
  • If they meet the requirement AND we place them on an assignment, you will receive $$ after your referral completes 90 days on the assignment.

And how much could you receive? Up to $500, depending on the type of role.

 (By the way, it is a good idea to talk to your friend to gauge their interest before referring them to us.)

Naturally, there are guidelines regarding who is eligible. Here’s ours:


The referred candidate must be someone we haven’t talked to in the last 12 months. The referred candidate must be hired by one of our clients within the next six months.

And, BTW, there’s no cap on how many people you can refer to us. There’s also no cap on how much in referral fees you could earn!

And that’s it!

We get a great candidate, your friend gets a great job, our client gets a great employee. And, the end result for you? A potential windfall of up to $500 if someone you refer to us works out for one of our clients!

As we said above, everyone wins!