Soft Skills Count

By The Intersect Group

You may check the box on the technical requirements for landing an IT job in today’s competitive environment but having well practiced soft skills are what can set you apart, says Kolby Dean, Market Director in Dallas for The Intersect Group. Below are a list of soft skills every IT professional should be well practiced on.

  1. Leadership – Taking the initiative matters. Whether you are in a formal leadership role or an informal one, leading a charge is essential in an IT business environment.
  2. Communication – IT isn’t just a function, it is a key part of any business. Having the ability to engage your audiences, express key information and converse with all levels is a subtle requirement for leading IT talent.
  3. Problem Solving – IT poses daily, if not minute-to-minute, challenges. Getting to the source of the problem is key and being agile and ready to roll with rapid change is a manager’s dream.
  4. Personal Development – Reading is fundamental. Stay up to date on the latest in technology by reading books, listening to podcasts and contributing to BLOGs. Talking about trends can be a great conversation warmer. It also keeps your perspective fresh.