Tips To Finding the Perfect Staffing Partner

By The Intersect Group

Find the expert!
If your needs are specific and niche, it makes the most sense to go with an agency with a proven track record in that area. Staffing companies that offer specialized staffing solutions have deeper access to the hardest to find candidates while offering a unique and deep understanding of your business landscape.

Do they put enough focus on the talent?
In today’s complex business landscape finding and recruiting the most in demand skill sets is not for the faint at heart. In choosing a staffing partner make sure they have unique and proven means to locate these skill sets that go beyond the traditional paths that are very well traveled.

Do they know my market?
Recruiting is different in every market and one size does not fit all. Ensure that whoever you choose to work with knows your local market, is relevant in that market and can articulate what pain points you might encounter hiring in that market.