What are the different staffing models?

By The Intersect Group

For high volume staffing, a managed service provider (MSP) or recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) partner might make the most sense. These are typically arrangements reserved for enterprise-wide hiring in the thousands. These employers are usually in need of ongoing recruiting support for multiple locations – nationally and internationally – and contracts are in place for 3-5-year terms.

Then, there is contingency-based staffing – one of the most common forms of staffing – which can be used to describe not only the contingent nature of the type of worker typically being recruited but also the contingent nature of the agreement between the staffing firm and the employer looking to make the hire. Meaning, a staffing firm’s compensation is contingent on their ability to find people for open positions; they are not compensated if they do not find people employers are willing to hire. The majority of staffing is contingency-based and focused on sourcing temporary and contract employees.

But for certain positions, this high-volume, contingent model simply does not work. And that’s when permanent placement and executive search services come in.

Executive search is a specialized recruitment service designed to identify top talent for senior, executive, and other high-level, specialty positions. Executive search is good for those positions that benefit from competitor sourcing, where candidates may not be immediately available, or for positions where qualified, long-term candidate options are not immediately identifiable.

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