What Can a Staffing Company Do for Me?

By The Intersect Group

For most companies, talent acquisition is a top priority and a cornerstone to maintaining a competitive advantage – but it also doubles as one of their biggest challenges.

With a market flooded with companies all vying for the same talent, it can be easy to get lost in the sea of sameness. Open jobs can easily all start to sound the same when companies do not differentiate what they say about themselves or their open jobs.

Working with a staffing provider can change all of that.

The Top 3 Benefits of Partnering With a Staffing Provider

In addition to developing a customized recruitment strategy – made just for your business – a staffing provider delivers:

  • An Enhanced Employer Brand: As an extension of your brand, a staffing provider works to understand your culture, values and employer brand in order to deliver an authentic candidate experience while actively building a targeted and robust talent community – for you. Customized content and tailored recruitment strategies means creating an active candidate pipeline ahead of critical needs. This is one of the major benefits of having a staffing provider and a well-developed employer branding strategy: reactionary recruiting becomes the exception instead of the norm.


  • Industry Expertise and Superior Account Management: A specialized staffing provider does more than fill your open job reqs. They are also actively learning and contributing to your business and to your industry. This means you gain access to a recruiting team that specializes and understands your operations and the talent you need most to be successful. A strong account management team will also alleviate some of the administrative and rote tasks that go into your hiring process, including sourcing, scheduling interviews, gathering candidate feedback and onboarding, saving critical time and the use of internal resources.


  • Transparency and Proof Your Recruitment Strategy is Working: With transparency comes great results. Your staffing provider should regularly deliver tangible recruitment performance that can be tied to your business objectives. Metrics like increasing fill rates, decreasing turnover and reducing time-to-fill deliver talent acquisition and business value. When done right, recruitment can mean the difference between meeting project, revenue and other business goals, or not.


In Closing

Not all staffing providers are the same. It’s important to meet with the people who will be taking on such a critically important role for your company – recruiting and acting as an extension of your brand to bring much-needed talent into the business.

Client companies of The Intersect Group can expect us to:

  1. Positively contribute to your employer brand.
  2. Pipeline talent ahead of hiring needs.
  3. Attract your targeted hiring profile(s) to your company.
  4. Decrease time-to-fill rates and make markedly positive contributions to other key hiring metrics.
  5. Improve your employee retention and engagement rates.

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