What Should I Wear?

By The Intersect Group

Your resume is perfected and you’ve landed the interview, now what to wear?   Walking into a job interview you want to “dress for success” and present yourself as professional and polished, and The Intersect Group’s Candidate’s Career Handbook can help.

Below are the go-to rules of interview attire and appearance for both men and women.

Appearance: Men

  • A dark suit is appropriate for most positions.  Be sure that it is cleaned and pressed.
  • Shirts should be white, freshly laundered, and well pressed.
  • A conservative tie: stripe, solid, or geometric pattern (diamond, circles), is suitable for a first interview.  Avoid loud colors and busy designs.
  • Jewelry should be limited and subtle.
  • Use deodorant and avoid colognes or fragrances completely.
  • Shoes that are black and freshly polished (including the heels) are a safe choice for an interview.  Belt should match the shoe color.  Socks should match the suit color.
  • Fingernails should be short and clean.
  • Hair should be clean, well groomed, and freshly trimmed.
  • Maintain good eye contact.

Appearance: Women

  • Wear a suit or a conservative tailored dress.  Blouses should also be tailored and color coordinated.  Do not wear big bows or ties.
  • Hair should be neat and clean.  Makeup should be light and natural looking.
  • Use deodorant and avoid colognes or fragrances.
  • Jewelry should be limited and subtle.
  • A close-toed shoe that is color coordinated with your outfit appropriate for an interview.  Avoid open-toed shoes or sling-backs.
  • Fingernails should be clean and manicured if possible.
  • Maintain good eye contact.

While clothes don’t make the man (or woman!), as the saying goes, they do make an impression.

For more information on how to land the job offer, please contact us at: info@theintersectgroup.com