Why is having a good LinkedIn Profile Important?

By The Intersect Group

Having a stellar stand out LinkedIn Profile is critical for any job seeker today. Hosting more than 500 million profiles, LinkedIn serves as a major force in career networking and job opportunities. Take the necessary minutes to set up your complete LinkedIn profile today by following these key tips.

  1. Start with a headshot photo that captures your unique personality and area of expertise. Don’t take selfies or use filters. Instead make it authentic and expressive.
  2. Next create a personal headline or short bold statement to grab people’s attention – “I am driven to change the talent conversation for good”.
  3. Make sure your “About” section captures information about you rather than the company you represent. Always use first person narrative to describe yourself in detail. Readers should walk away with a clear understanding of what you do, your personal approach and your mindset and outlook on the industry in which you work.
  4. Add video whenever possible to demonstrate your expertise or passions. Passions should include what makes you most excited about what you do for a career. Tying in any stories of proof points works very well to demonstrate the WHY around what you do not just the WHAT.
  5. End with a bulleted list of specializations or key skills.

Following these tips will ensure you are ready to navigate and network LinkedIn.