The Intersect Group has formed a specialized capability around Business Analytics and within our Center of Excellence which grants access to BI expertise and insight. With a designated subject matter expert, Matt Beyer at the helm, we can leverage your business acumen to provide insights that transcend staffing. 

We are now offering a complimentary whiteboard session with Matt on the topics below. Discerning valuable insights allow you to get ahead of disruptions in your industry, leveraging data to strengthen your position relative to your competitors. If you are interested please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Common Topics

TIG Maturity Continuum Session
Where does your organization fall within the continuum, and how do you get to the next level. Read our whitepaper. 

Affordable Business Analytics (Small to Midsize Companies)
Open source, cloud, and excellent price point options. Read our whitepaper.

Analytics Architecture
Architectural Review and Product assessment

Becoming a Data-Driven Organization
The volume of digital records an organization can amass these days is incredible. But recorded data is just taking up space if it isn’t transformed that employees can use to develop insights and make better-informed decisions. Becoming “data-driven” can improve just about any organization’s performance, projections, and customer experience. Read our whitepaper.

Developing a Business Case for the BA/DA
Traditionally, business analysts (BAs) use data to help organizations make more effective business decisions. In contrast, data analysts were more interested in gathering and analyzing data to evaluate and make decisions. In today’s data-driven organizations, the two roles are becoming one.

Effective ways (Strategies) to improve the BI Organization’s partnership with the Business stakeholders
Build understanding across the organization – Change in an organization is never easy. There will always be nay-sayers who don’t believe in the BI strategy and its execution. Keep communication lines open and help the organization understand how this new approach will serve them in their roles and help the business. Involve business users and stakeholders as early as possible and provide them with information and training throughout the process. It will help them embrace the data and decision-making and see how it serves them. Exceed customer expectations.

How to effectively Convey the ROI of Analytic initiatives & Funding issues
Business intelligence is an excellent investment for your company. But they are not gospel truth, and when it comes to bringing about corporate change, showing the Return on Investment (ROI) of your actions can be extremely powerful and requested. ROI analysis is a useful decision-making tool that helps ensure investments are aligned with business strategy and effectively use organizational resources.

Implications of Cloud-Based and On-Premise Solutions
No matter your organization’s size, the goal is to save money, grow your organization, improve operations, make your customers happy – or all of the above. You are faced with the dilemma of deciding whether to go with an on-premise or cloud solution.

Data Governance and Ownership
Organizations are shifting from the slow and documentation-heavy bureaucratic strategies of traditional Data Governance towards the collaborative, streamlined, and quality-driven agile/lean strategies that focus on enabling workers rather than controlling them.

Designing a Data/Analytics Organization
To release its value proposition, an organization must develop an Analytics (BI) operating model that enables agility, cross-functional collaboration, sustainability, and domain expertise.

Data Visualization
The key to data visualization isn’t just providing a visual representation of data; it provides the right kind of visualization for the data and visualizes it the right way. Graphical representations of data communicate patterns, trends, and outliers far more quickly than numbers and text. With visualization, users can spot issues and problems needing attention at a glance and take appropriate action. In text-based reports and spreadsheets, the trends and issues remain hidden among dizzying arrays of numbers and text. Because of its power to communicate, data visualization is becoming more pervasive in business environments.

Other topics tailored for a specific organization
Master Data Management, Agile Data
Governance, and BI Adoption – Change Management



Outside Input
Outside Input

Sessions allow for others to freely propose ideas. It can be challenging to come up with new ideas being the person closest to the issue. Inviting others into the
conversation to figure out new ways of doing things allows people less familiar with the matter to speak openly about ideas they have.

Idea Building
Idea Building

Each idea that is brought up doesn’t have to stand on its own. It’s vital to state ideas even if they aren’t the perfect solution because it can help make something click for someone else. The idea building concept is sharing ideas, which triggers new ideas, which creates a chain of new thoughts. The only way idea building can thrive in a brainstorming session is to encourage communication – no ideas are immediately shut down.

Breaks Routine
Breaks Routine

Another benefit of having a brainstorming session is to get out of a routine. Maybe there are no apparent issues to be solved with how things are operating. A brainstorming session over a project can still be beneficial because it can reveal improvements you didn’t even know you needed.

List Generation
List Generation

One of the best parts of leaving a brainstorming session is the list of ideas you can take with you and build off of in the future. Not everything is applicable immediately, but a list of ideas can help you think creatively for months after the actual session
took place.


Last but not least, brainstorming sessions create a team atmosphere. Brainstorms
don’t happen without people. Inviting co-workers into a brainstorming session helps
solidify that you are on the same team and opens up the option to ask for help from others. Team members will have an increased level of understanding,  absorption, synthesis, and retention.

Increases Engagement
Increases Engagement

Colleagues can engage one another more elaborately when discussing a project plan or solving a particular business problem. It facilitates immediate feedback, quick
identification of grey areas, and strong affirmation or correction of critical points.

Enhances and Inspires Collaboration
Enhances and Inspires Collaboration

Team members will have an increased level of understanding, absorption, synthesis, and retention.

Making a business presentation mostly involves feeding  information to a group of
individuals. Still, interaction encourages everyone to participate rather than merely
being recipients of the already prepared information.

Cross-team (TIG CoE & Client team) collaboration brings more unique ideas to the table, inspires new direction, and increases productivity. In the learning environment,
interactive sessions can foster new things, in-depth coverage of topics, and improved performance.

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