Information Technology

Talent at the speed of IT.

Technology moves fast. We help you keep up. We understand industry trends and complexities and we stay a step ahead by proactively keeping a robust network of clients and candidates.

Organizations who want to compete and succeed in the modern marketplace must become technology-driven organizations—and own this reality. Once a nice-to-have, this has transformed into a must-have seemingly overnight. At TIG, we know how complex and challenging it can be for organizations to find the right IT talent and for candidates to find and choose the best opportunity. We can help. In fact, we recruit and staff for over 1,600 different roles in IT alone.

We get IT.

Generalist recruiters simply can’t handle the intricacies of IT. That’s why we specialize. We ask the right questions, understand the skills and technology requirements, and know the underlying communication and cultural fit prerequisites for each role. Along with IT-specific staffing experience, the TIG team also receives regular technical training. This understanding allows us to make the right, long-lasting connections.

Structured for success.

Our IT recruitment and staffing structure mirrors technology disciplines where dedicated recruitment managers focus on a single area—Infrastructure, Development, or Functional. It’s how they stay focused and how you get unparalleled service and attention by people who understand the nuances of IT.

Hey, we got a guy or a gal.

At TIG, our people stick around—many of our team members have 10+ years in the IT recruitment space, arming them with deep industry relationships and invaluable knowledge. To manage an ever-ready network of top candidates, our talent managers create and nurture candidate relationships for the long term, not just a one-time transaction. So when you come to us with a quick-turn or highly specialized need, our colleagues often already have a candidate in mind.

Leaning into the complex.

Since we’ve been specialists in IT staffing from day one, we’ve helped clients with all manner of projects. From interactive gaming systems that change the way we spend our free time to technology implementations that change the way we buy—we love a challenge. Complexity isn’t an emergency at TIG—it’s an opportunity. Complex projects are how we sharpen our skills and master our craft.

High-tech with a handshake.

At TIG, our success starts with our people-first approach to recruiting. We get to know you on a personal level, the old-fashioned way, but that doesn’t mean we go completely analog. We support our existing personalized approach through online resources: LinkedIn, job boards, social networks, complex searches, and direct sourcing. We bring it all together to cast a wide net—then narrow it down based on the needs and preferences of our candidates and clients.

Looking for IT career opportunities?

We’re always looking for excellent candidates to become a part of our network. We have strong relationships with industry-leading clients who offer challenging roles and the chance to learn and grow in your career.

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