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Just say the word, and The Intersect Group is ready to connect you with the candidates that help you deliver business results.

One engagement and you’ll see why The Intersect Group (TIG) stands apart from other staffing agencies. For us, working with clients isn’t a transactional experience. We listen first, then we get to know you on a deeper level so we can align our services to meet your needs. Even the way we structure our talent teams is designed for your success.

A dedicated Client Manager

When we talk about a personal approach to staffing, we mean it. As our client, you’ll work with a dedicated Client Manager whose job it is to know your business, know your industry, and make talent recommendations that help you achieve your goals.

Your team: Client Manager + Talent Managers

Your Client Manager is supported by a minimum of two Talent Managers who work with candidates while your Client Manager keeps you in the loop. Together, they’ll save you time and energy by culling through resumes and narrowing them down to the few who really match with your organization. They work in and live in the communities we serve. If something ever goes wrong, they’ll be on top of it quickly so it doesn’t become a pain point.

Tenured staffing experts

When people come to work at TIG, they tend to stay. We’ve perennially been named as a Top Place to Work and one the Best and Brightest. We are proud that our colleagues are experts in IT, F&A and Digital Marketing Technology specialties—some with careers spanning decades. We’ve built a culture of success where people want to stick around, so the knowledge we build in these specialized areas stays within TIG. As a client, that means you can expect the most knowledgeable people working on your behalf.

180k candidates—vetted, reviewed, and assessed

We’ve created an impressive talent pipeline of over 180,000 candidates who have been vetted by our Talent Managers through technical interviews and skills assessments. Whether you engage us for advisory services, direct hire, or contract resources, we’re able to connect you with the best fit through this extensive network.

A history of repeat success

When we work with qualified candidates, we’re in it for the long-haul. We put time and effort into our relationships with candidates, so when it’s time for their next assignment, they come back to TIG. That means you have greater access to top performers and a pool of specialized candidates who are tested, tried, and true. We’re proud of our high redeployment rate.

A partner who doesn’t check out

We know you’ll need insights throughout the course of your candidate search and beyond. That’s why we don’t disappear once candidates are placed. When you partner with us, we will actively reinforce our efforts through a strong support team and regular check-ins to make sure candidates are meeting your expectations. As your business changes, we keep up and re-align our services. And, when you need nothing at all, we’ll check in and remain poised to help.

Specialized teams fueled by training and technology

TIG teams are specialized in three focus areas—IT, Finance & Accounting, and Digital Marketing Technology—so when you need resources or advisors with particular skills, we understand. Our specialized talent professionals are supported by the best training program in the industry and the newest technology available. The result: a team with get-in-the-weeds-with-you, we’re-speaking-the-same-language kind of expertise.

A simple (and often shorter) path to talent.

Working with TIG is simple, flexible, and easy. We’re here to shorten the path between your initial need and the resourcing strategies that keep your business moving. And, if you need a little extra expertise, we offer advisory services. Our clients tell us that our unique approach and blend of services is how we stand apart from the long list of staffing agencies.

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