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6 Straightforward Strategies to Truly Increase Your Diversity in Candidate Sourcing

Yes, indeed: our talks on diversity and inclusion in recruiting here at The Intersect Group continue. We’ve discussed – and written about – how “looking” for “cultural fit” can lead to perpetuating unconscious bias in hiring, as well as looking at what inclusion really is and how companies can become more inclusive. Now it’s time …

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The Dangers of Dating Colleagues

By The Intersect Group

In the last post in our “What You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know About Getting Ahead” series, we talked about how important it is to be friendly at work, but not too friendly. And speaking of being “too friendly,” our topic here will discuss the dangers of dating colleagues. And while we’re not going to …

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Tactics and Strategies that Actually Work

By The Intersect Group

Now that companies throughout the country have started taking diversity, equality, and inclusion in the workplace seriously for several months, we thought it time to offer up some DEI tactics and strategies that many companies have found to work. The first step: setting goals What is it you actually want to accomplish by becoming more …

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Knock ’Em Dead at Your Next Virtual Networking Event

By The Intersect Group

Will we continue networking virtually once “all this” (the pandemic) ends? More than likely. So if you feel that your remote networking abilities aren’t as great as they should be, read on. The one great thing that IRL events have that virtual networking events will never have? The ability to chat one-on-one with someone before, …

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Why You Should Be Friendly at Work, But Not Too Friendly

By The Intersect Group

Where do adults tend to make friends? While our parents and grandparents made friends by belonging to the same fraternal lodge, bowling league, coffee klatch, PTA, church, book club, etc., now we mostly find our friends….at work. Many of us are simply too busy today at both work and home to even have time for …

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Keeping Your Emotions in Check

By The Intersect Group

Well, here we are: this is the last post in our “New Manager Advice Series.” And, even though the topic for this post is the last one we’ll write about for the series, it is by no means the least of them: keeping your emotions in check at work is paramount if you want to …

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Asking for Feedback from Your Own Manager

By The Intersect Group

As a manager, you’re going to provide a lot of feedback to your team members. It’s part of the process of ensuring they do the best they can for your department and employer as well as helping them develop their own skills and grow in their own career.   Manager, ask for feedback thyself! Everyone …

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Attracting Top Talent Means Spending Big Bucks Right? No!

By The Intersect Group

Suppose you’re a small company looking for the best candidates. In that case, you already know that you’re competing with the big guys for their attention. Even if you’re working with a staffing partner to help you attract, source, and hire great people, it’s still important that your online presence be attractive to potential hires. …

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Tips to improve communication and info sharing

By The Intersect Group

If there’s just one thing that’s on every job description for a management position, it’s this: “Must have good communications skills.” And for good reason: as a manager, you must have open and candid communication with your employees to make sure they understand their responsibilities and your expectations of their work. Good communication skills are …

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