A Surprising (But Hopeful) Disconnect Between Job Seekers and Hiring Managers

By The Intersect Group

We conducted  – admittedly unscientific – polls on LinkedIn recently (now closed) to both job seekers and hiring managers/company leaders. The results were….interesting:  Each group was asked to rate among four choices what they believed was the “most important attribute in hiring”: Work experience Cultural fit Specific skill set College degree One hundred and sixty-nine …

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Preparing for an Interview Guide

By The Intersect Group

Do you get nervous before a job interview? Probably. Do you get really nervous? That’s typical, too. Yet there’s a bit of a “secret” when it comes to going on job interviews and keeping the jitters at bay and it’s all about how you look at it: Think of a job interview as you interviewing …

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Tips for Virtual Onboarding

By Heidi Meierdierks, Senior Talent Director

We certainly don’t have to tell you how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the where-employees-work landscape, it’s also transformed the entire recruiting and hiring process. Most job interviews are conducted via video. Job fairs and college career fairs have gone almost entirely online. Which brings us to remote onboarding Whether you’re now hiring people to …

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Interview Thank You Note Writing Guide

By The Intersect Group

What if we told you there was one simple, relatively easy but extremely powerful thing you could do to elevate yourself above other job candidates for a particular job? There is: write a thank you note after your interview! But this isn’t a simple, handwritten note such as what you would send after receiving a …

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10 Tips to Make Your Transition to a New Job Go Smoothly

By The Intersect Group

Congratulations on your new job! Job searching can be stressful – but, you made it! The applications, the interviews, the follow-ups – it can all add up to be a lot of work, which is why some people say that searching for a job can be a job in and of itself. Recognize the hard …

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Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out

By Christy Stipe, Executive Recruiter

If you’re currently out of work due to the COVID-19 pandemic and if you haven’t had to look for work for a few years, the type of resume you used before may not work nearly as well today. Why? Technology. After all, technology has changed considerably in even just the last five years. Did you …

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The Resignation and the Counter

By The Intersect Group

If you have been offered a new job, first things first: congratulations! Especially  during the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic downturn. We will discuss in a moment how to let your current employer know you are leaving, but there is one thing you should understand and prepare for: there is a high probability your current …

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Value Proposition – Keep it Super Simple

By Edwin Miller, CEO

So, we have covered Google Principles #9 – “birds of a feather flock together” and #8 – “build a profitable business model personally and professionally”.  Now is it time for #7 – keep it super simple!  This is a simple saying and would seem to be an easy thing to accomplish, but it is not.  …

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