Interview Thank You Note Writing Guide

By The Intersect Group

What if we told you there was one simple, relatively easy but extremely powerful thing you could do to elevate yourself above other job candidates for a particular job?

There is: write a thank you note after your interview!

But this isn’t a simple, handwritten note such as what you would send after receiving a birthday gift. Instead, this thank you is more of a sales piece, something  that – just like your resume – should reiterate how your skills, experience/background, etc. can help the hiring manager solve his or her problems.

The power of a well-written thank you note

First, let us help you rest easy: you’re not going to mail an actual printed letter (although you definitely can). You’re going to send an email to the recruiter or hiring manager, as well as to everyone with whom you interacted during your interview, such as the panelists if you participated in a panel interview.

These thank you emails can serve several purposes. They:

  • Reinforce that you want the job.
  • Can clear up any issues or concerns that came up during the interview.
  • Allow you to expand on a thought you had in which the interviewer appeared to show interest.
  • Let you add relevant examples of your work, or even suggest a solution to a problem that came up during your meeting.
  • Provide you the chance to ask about next steps in the interview process and let the interviewer know you will follow up yourself in X days or weeks if you don’t hear from them first.

How sending a thank you email helps you

Many people don’t send them! About one-third of job seekers surveyed said they don’t always send a thank you email after interviews. In fact, seven percent said they never send a thank you message.

What’s more, one in five hiring managers said that if they don’t receive a thank you note, they pretty much dismiss a candidate.

In addition, 68 percent of these hiring managers said receiving a thank you letter or email did have a bearing on their hiring decision.

In other words, sending a thank you note matters and not sending one probably will hurt your candidacy. Sending one won’t guarantee that you get the job, but if you send the right kind, it definitely helps.

Tips for writing a terrific thank you note

As you get ready to write the letter, remember that you’re not just thanking the interviewer for meeting with you; you want to advance your candidacy.

  • Start the note by thanking the interviewer for the meeting.
  • Briefly reiterate why you’re interested in the position and why you’re a good match.
  • If possible add something that you and the interviewer discussed during the “getting to know you” phase of your interview at its beginning. Doing this makes your message more personal.

Then segue to the meat of your letter

This is where you provide real-life examples of your value.

As an example:

As we discussed today, my sales closings at my current  employer grew by 25 percent each year for the last three years and I was named top sales person for the last two years. I’m confident that combining my current sales experience as well as my bachelor’s degree in engineering will allow me to help XYZ Engineering’s revenue grow considerably.

Another example:

As we briefly discussed, my experience in leading my company’s recent restructuring, various cost-savings initiatives  and innovative business process improvements will be of great benefit to you.

Just two of the results I’ve achieved for my current employer include:

  • Decreasing headcount by 28 percent and budget 44 percent in less than three months by consolidating three locations into one.
  • Increasing output 64 percent and reducing waste 49 percent within six months via elimination/streamlining 60-plus processes.

I look forward to helping your company experience this type of savings and productivity.

You then end your email by restating your appreciation for the interview and ask about next steps and/or that you look forward to hearing from the interviewer/hiring manager.

Quick tip: aim to send the note as soon as possible after the meeting. If you can do so the same day, do so.  Aim to send it no later than 48 hours after the interview.

We’d love to be the ones to send you out on your next job interview. Take a look at our current opportunities and if you see one or more that appeal to you and for which you’re qualified, follow the instructions at the “Apply Now” button.