Finance & Accounting

People who know F&A talent.

It’s rare when a staffing agency actually understands the differences between Financial Reporting and FP&A. TIG does.

Every organization—regardless of size or structure—needs finance, accounting, audit, and tax guidance to compete. These insights often come from small F&A teams whose non-stop work feeds every aspect of an organization. When it comes to finding the right fit for F&A roles, a single person can make a huge impact. Staffing generalists just don’t have the resources to deliver the most qualified candidates on pressing schedules. At TIG, we believe resourcing for this critical area has to be timely—and it has to be specialized.

With an emphasis on F&A since our doors opened, we have the tenured experts who can handle even the most intricate F&A resourcing challenges.

Focus from the start.

We began focusing on F&A over a decade ago when we realized how critical the intersection between F&A and IT was to our clients’ success. Many of our team members have past experience in F&A roles themselves and some bring over 20 years of experience in the field. Our profound and proven expertise is how we’re able to guide you through every step—and offer the best solutions along the way.

F&A—all day, every day.

Within the unique TIG organizational structure, we have client and talent managers who are completely dedicated to F&A and only F&A. They know the difference between shared services and business unit organized teams; how monthly accounting and reporting cycles impact each member of the team; and cash and accrual. In other words—you won’t spend time explaining the basics when that time can be used to gain a deeper understanding of your specific needs.

Collaboration accelerates access.

CFOs and their teams have to adapt quickly to address industry changes and their business demands. That might mean a need for temporary contractors or a commitment to hire colleagues. Candidates seek career growth whether that comes from a short term contract opportunity or a long term colleague commitment to one company. At TIG, our contract and direct hire recruiting teams work collaboratively and share information to ensure that both our clients and candidates receive access to the best match.

Looking for F&A career opportunities?

We’re always looking for qualified candidates to become a part of our network. We cater to industry-leading clients who offer challenging environments—and the chance to learn and grow in your career.

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