Labor Market Brief, November 2021

This month’s staffing highlights include staffing hour gains, wages jump, and hiring continues to rise. In IT, hiring is projected to reach record heights; and in finance and accounting, talent shortages are plaguing CFOs. Check out the November Labor Market Brief by The Intersect Group. Click here to download the full report.

Q4 2021 – State of the Market Report

U.S. temporary jobs fell while total nonfarm jobs posted the smallest gain since January. In IT, the convergence of CIO and CTO responsibilities continues, with both now heavily focused on business strategy. Meanwhile, CFOs lowered their expectations for YoY growth. For the latest, download our Q4 2021 State of the Market Report.

More than just a pretty picture

The importance of storytelling to improve decision-making and spark action Data is the underpinning of good decision-making, but even organizations with access to timely and accurate data – and the skills necessary to identify, acquire, and analyze data– can make suboptimal decisions. Download the full whitepaper here.

Labor Market Brief, September 2021

Recent survey results reveal executive concern over labor shortages. In IT, CIOs and CTOs face an increasingly complex environment, but they are optimistic they can keep the hybrid work model going. In F&A, CFOs are bullish about the future and feel they also can continue operating in a hybrid work environment. Continue reading. Click here …

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Labor Market Brief, August 2021

Data from the ‘Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey’ showed another high month of quits; meanwhile, job openings surged above 10 million for the first time ever. Tech sector hiring and spending is increasing; in F&A, the “future is frictionless,” but remote professionals need these 7 things to be successful. This and more in the …

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Q3 2021 – State of the Market Report

Temporary staffing is on the rise while the unemployment rate holds steady; a tight talent market for the remainder of the year is likely. Additionally, we rounded up the top 10 fastest-growing IT jobs by salary, as well as 12 of the highest paying finance jobs in 2021. Download this quarter’s State of the Market …

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What is Kanban?

When you first hear it, Kanban sounds like it could be the name of a movie dog, or a new dance move, or a video game. It’s actually a Japanese word meaning “sign” or “billboard” and it is one of the most widely used Agile-based frameworks. Its focus on frequent product delivery, teamwork/collaboration, continuous improvement, …

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What is Scrum?

Scrum is a process framework used for developing, delivering, and maintaining products. You might have noticed that this definition did not mention either Agile or software. While neither Scrum nor any other framework appears in the Agile Manifesto, Scrum may be the most popular. Read the full whitepaper.