Q1 2021 – State of the Market

For market information by industry and by region, check out the Q1 2021 State of the Market Report by The Intersect Group. We have also collected insights and commentary to couple with the numbers for a complete, total market quarterly update. Download the report.

The Emerging Role of Business Data Analyst

For most organizations, data, now more plentiful, available, and current than ever, fuels decision making. Data analytics inform the development and selection of strategies and tactics covering every aspect of business from product design, to logistics, to salesforce deployment, to advertising placement. All industry segments – manufacturing, healthcare, utilities, professional services, hospitality, etc. Download full …

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Labor Market Brief, January 2021

Job orders were flat at the close of the year while temporary staffing revenue continued to climb. The ability to draw insights and predict outcomes from business analytics, as well as automation and AI, are key industry influencers in both the information technology sector and in finance and accounting. Here is January’s Labor Market Brief. …

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Labor Market Brief, December 2020

Job orders and temporary staffing revenue are trending up as we close out 2020. Success varies by industry, so while IT temporary staffing is holding strong, F&A staffing is down year-over-year. Digital transformation projects on the docket for 2021 should keep both sectors busy in the new year. Download the full TIG Labor Market Brief …

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The volume of digital records an organization can amass these days is incredible. But recorded data is just taking up space if it isn’t transformed that employees can use to develop insights and make better-informed decisions. Becoming “data-driven” can improve just about any organization’s performance, projections, and customer experience. Download full whitepaper

Q4 2020 – State of the Market

Check out our Q4 2020 State of the Market Report for the straight scoop and to see it for yourself. We studied U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and regional newspaper reports for this information. And, while we have noticed our clients asking for a lot of candidates with skills in the IT, finance/accounting, and business analytics sectors for about the last …

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The Effects of Work from Home on Worker Productivity

When it became apparent that the Covid-19 pandemic meant that a larger segment of the workforce was now going to work from their homes, one concern was the impact on worker productivity. Would workers who were used to working on-site with in-person supervision, access to familiar technology, daily interaction with their co-workers…

BI Like the Big League

Analytics for SMBs For small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), the ability to extract nuggets of insight from the data their business generates can allow them to create and sustain a competitive advantage. It wasn’t long ago when the cost and complexity of analytical software and skills made it infeasible for SMBs, but this is no …

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